Advanced Technology

Ultra Shape V3

We are pleased to be the first centre in the Gatineau-Ottawa area to offer the best technology for non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring. The UltraShape V3® was unveiled in Paris in January of 2010 and includes the Vertical Dynamic Focus™ (VDF) ultrasound and the RFVac™ Radio Frequency with integrated vacuum system.

UltraShape® is non-thermal focused ultrasound technology. It targets fat accumulations in the body—abdomen, buttocks, thighs—destroying fat cells at a specific depth. Skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue are left intact. The free fat is metabolized by your body. Because there is no heat involved, there is minimal risk of burns and the procedure is extremely comfortable. With the Version 3 suction and radiofrequency systems, we have the added advantage of increasing fat clearance as well as collagen stimulation for a skin tightening effect.

UltraShape® is not a replacement for liposuction or a tummy tuck however it is a real alternative for those people who have little time to recover from an operation or who wish to avoid an operation altogether. With UltraShape® there is no down time and the procedure is strictly non-invasive. You will see results with just one treatment however we do recommend 3 treatments for best results.

Scientific studies have shown a reduction in waist circumference which varies from 2cm after one treatment and up to 10cm after a series of 3 treatments. UltraShape® has been proven safe and clinically effective. (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal September 2007).

Our plastic surgeons, Dr. Thompson and Dr Germain will be pleased to discuss the risks and benefits of non-surgical and surgical options in your case.

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