Treatable Conditions

Pigmented lesion (brown spots)

At Incognito Medispa we use the BBL™ (Broad Band pulsed Light) and when needed, the ProFractional™  or Fraxel dual laser, to lighten or remove pigmented lesions. Before any treatment we will examine your skin and if  necessary, biopsy any lesion of concern. Only benign (non-cancerous) lesions are treated with  laser or light technologies.

After a treatment with the BBL™ , your brown spots often appear darker. The darkened tissue flakes off in approximately 7 to 10 days. The ProFractional™ laser removes small micro-channels of the target spot and reduces its overall size.

In general, laser and light technologies work well on superficial pigmented lesions caused by the sun. They are  less effective for deeper skin spots (moles, melasma due to pregnancy/hormonal fluctuations). These lesions may require a greater number of sessions. Surgical excision is also a possibility should there be no improvement. Sun protection is critical for long term prevention of further lesions or darkening of any pre-existing spots. Dr. Thompson and Dr. Germain and their experienced team, will guide through the treatment possibilities.

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