Laser Therapy

Erbium Skin Resurfacing

Full-field laser resurfacing is a technology which removes 100% of the skin to a precise depth. It initially replaced conventional dermabrasion as the treatment of choice for deep lines and deep facial imperfections. It also causes a tightening of the skin which further aids in the correction of wrinkled and sun damaged skin. Fractional laser resurfacing has now replaced conventional resurfacing for the treatment of the full face.

We offer full or non-fractional laser resurfacing for specific areas such as around the mouth (smoker’s lines) and around the eyes.

Around the mouth we often combine a deep fractional laser resurfacing with superficial non fractional resurfacing. We may add fillers to augment the shape and form of your lips should you wish. We aim for a global improvement!

Around the eyes, a laser eyelid treatment (blepharoplasty) may involve strictly laser resurfacing of the eyelids to tighten the excess eyelid skin. We can also combine a laser treatment to the eyelid skin with an eyelid surgery under local anaesthesia. We tailor the treatment to your needs and desires.

After all, we communicate with our eyes and mouth!