Advanced Technology

EM Sculpt


EMSculpt® is a unique body remodeling technology. It is the only non-invasive method that can help patients increase muscle mass and lose fat, without any effort. The cutting-edge device can be applied on the abdominal area, buttock, arms and calf muscles.

Unlike other current medico-esthetic, non-surgical, body sculpting techniques, EMSculpt® has the advantage of promoting muscle development in addition to the loss of subcutaneous fat. One third of the human body is comprised of muscles. Toned, they create a harmonious curve of the body silhouette.

EMSculpt® is for men and women with active and healthy lifestyles, and for anyone who wants to redefine their abdomen, arms and legs, lift their buttocks, reduce fat deposits and strengthen muscle tone.

The EM Sculpt® device, developed by BTL Aesthetic, uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy. This technology generates 20,000 muscle contractions (20,000 squats or abdominal crunches) in only 30 minutes.

The results of EM Sculpt® are felt after the 1st session and are visible 1 to 3 months later. No downtime is required.  To maximize the muscle sculpting effect, a complete treatment requires 4, 30-minute sessions within a 2-week time period.