Fillers Injections

Fillers may be combined with a muscle relaxant if a crease or wrinkle is created, or enhanced, by the activity of the facial muscles. In these situations, the results are superior to fillers alone. We frequently use fillers in the lips, nasolabial folds (cheek folds) and marionette lines. They can be used for deep wrinkles anywhere in the face.

Lips: Fillers in the lips allow you to regain lost lip volume and definition or, to simply have more voluptuous lips. Both upper and lower lips may be injected. We perform the procedure under local anaesthesia. Your lips will swell initially but after a few days, will regain a natural appearance.

Nasolabial Folds: These folds or wrinkles are located between the cheek and the nose-mouth area. They are created by the descent of your cheeks over time and with gravity. Fillers in this area soften the folds and are extremely effective. We administer a local anaesthetic prior to injecting these folds. Swelling is minimal and the results are instantaneous.

Marionette lines: These wrinkles start at the corners of the mouth and extend down towards the chin. They create a sad expression. It is as though you have lost your smile. Fillers in this area greatly improve the overall appearance of your face.

Deep Wrinkles: Deep wrinkles may be located anywhere on the face. They are most commonly seen between the eyebrows or over the forehead. Fillers may not completely erase these wrinkles however there is often a major improvement following treatment.

Others uses for fillers include enhancing the cheekbone area, improving the contour of the face and eyebrows, or treating wrinkles around the mouth. There are many possibilities.

During your consultation, we will carefully examine your face. We will discuss with you the best treatment options either a muscle relaxant, a filler or both. We are both qualified for all injection techniques.