High Technology

Cellulite Treatment Venus Legacy

At Incognito Medispa, we are very proud to offer you the latest technology in cellulite treatment….the Venus Legacy. This ‘4D’ system,  described as the new standard, combines multipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy that heats and tightens skin and soft tissues, with pulsed magnetic fields to stimulate skin regeneration, and pulsed tissue suction (VariPulse) technology to allow deeper energy penetration of the skin, improving lymphatic drainage and reducing the feedback time with respect to the skin heating.

The Venus Legacy may be used on almost any part of the body which requires an improvement in contour, silhouette, cellulite, or skin tone. This includes the face and neck!

In certain cases of cellulite, we may simply recommend a rolling massage type of treatment, with or without heat, using the Lumicell Touch.  This treatment increases the circulation to the affected areas and stimulates lymphatic drainage, reducing water retention and promoting toxin removal from the body

Cellulite typically requires a series of treatments.  The number varies with the severity and the specific zones you wish treated.  We will provide you with the more detailed information during your consultation.