Venus Freeze

The Venus Freeze is the only radiofrequency (RF) technology that combines two effective methods to activate the synthesis of collagen resulting in improved skin quality. Thanks to the  patented technology (MP) ², results are often seen after the first treatment.  The synergy of (MP) ², with its 8 electrodes, emits electromagnetic waves with a single applicator and ensures an efficient and safe skin temperature level.  Treatments allow for natural healing and do not damage the epidermis of the skin.

The Venus Freeze has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.  It has received approval by Health Canada for skin tightening and temporary cellulite reduction.

Venus Freeze can treat all skin types with no known side effects.  The treatments are pain free.  Long-term results are achieved in as little as 6-8 treatments.  You can return your daily activities immediately afterwards.