Varicose Vein Treatments


Incognito Medispa now offers treatments for your varicose veins.

Small to medium-sized varicose veins are usually treated by sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a procedure by which a sclerosing solution is injected using very fine needles directly into the problem veins, causing them to collapse thereby reducing or eliminating the varicosities.

At Incognito Medispa, just like for all cosmetic injections, sclerotherapy is always performed by a doctor. In-depth knowledge of leg and vein anatomy is necessary to reduce the chance of complications and side effects from this procedure… and after all, you deserve to be treated by a doctor.

During your visit, you will meet Dr. Nguyen who will assess your condition and determine the best course of action for your varicose veins.

Dr. Nguyen is a specialist in Intensive Care and Internal Medicine at the Gatineau Hospital. She is a member of the Canadian Society of Phlebology and has also completed the American Society of Phlebology course. She has trained under the supervision of Dr. Zummo in Montreal, who is a canadian expert in Phlebology.

During your initial consultation, your treatment plan will be explained in detail to you. If possible, your treatment can also begin during your first visit.

Generally speaking, a series of treatments is usually necessary to achieve an optimal result. The number of sessions depends on the number and size of varicose veins to be treated, and on the severity of the variceal disorder. Once treated, proactive measures to help prevent recurrence or worsening of the varicose veins is recommended, as well as treating new or recurring veins promptly.

All information will be explained in detail during your visits.

Please contact us for further information and to schedule a consultation.