Permanent makeup/Dermo pigmentation

Dermo pigmentation is a process where, using one or more small needles, coloured pigments specially designed for this purpose are introduced into the dermis. Biotek pigments are the product of a unique manufacturing process, which includes anti-UV, to provide very stable pigments that are less likely to fade.  We are able to offer a wide range of beautiful, stable and safe colors.
Permanent makeup is an option for all people who wish to save time and energy and enjoy comfort and beauty 24 hours a day. It is suitable for people suffering from permanent or temporary alopecia (lack of hair in some places). In addition, it can be used to reconstruct nipple areolae for women who have undergone breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Tribal Eyebrow: This technique creates the illusion of a powder applied with a brush. It is ideal for enhancing the natural colour of the eyebrow.

3D Eyebrow: This process for reconstruction of the eyebrow uses fine lines that take the form of real hair.

Intralash: This technique intensifies the line of the eyelashes, as if a Khôl pencil was used to fill the space between each lash.

Breast Areola: This procedure creates an areola in 3D that effectively completes the process of breast reconstruction and gives the reconstructed breast a more realistic appearance.