Facial Surgery

Forehead and Eyebrow Lift

The effect of gravity on the skin is inevitable and the forehead and brow are no exception. As the brow descends, we instinctively raise our eyebrows and stress our forehead muscles. This causes transverse forehead lines, and with time may cause deep wrinkles or creases. A fallen brow will also contribute to the impression of excess skin in the upper eyelids, adding to an overall fatigued appearance.

During your consultation, the position of your eyebrows, the quantity and quality of your upper-eyelid skin, and the level of your hairline will be examined. Surgical and non-surgical options (please see Injections) will be discussed depending on your desires and specific needs. We will present the most suitable options along the with risks and benefits. We will show you before and after photographs of patients who have undergone the various operations.

Lifting du front et des sourcils

The surgical procedures are peformed under general anaesthesia. Recovery time is short but it may take a few months before you will see the final, healed result.

For reasons of confidentiality, we chose not to publish photos of our patients. We invite you to consult this Americain website to see photos before and after surgery.  www.surgery.org/public/photos/forehead_lift