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Rosacea is a vascular disorder of the skin which in the early stages, is associated with frequent facial flushing. Over time, the increased skin vascularity may lead to thickened skin, telangiectasias (spider vessels) and persistent facial redness. A subset of people may progress to a third stage—acne rosacea. Acne rosacea is characterized by red papules and pustules over the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. In some people the chest, back and scalp may be involved.

While the mainstay of treatment for acne rosacea is antibiotics (topical and oral) and retinoids (Acutane®), lasers are useful in treating early rosacea. The laser light destroys the haemoglobin in the small skin blood vessels. The vessels clot, producing an inflammatory reaction and your body then destroys the vessel remnants. Larger skin blood vessels will require more laser energy. If the vessel is too large, injections or surgery may be required. Laser therapy is not a definitive cure for this chronic condition. It may not be used in people with active acne rosacea. It is effective in controlling some of the effects. to treat the early effects of rosacea. We also may offer you mild chemical peels or a facial to improve the quality of your skin.

At Incognito Medispa we frequently use broad band light ( BBLTM) to calm the facial redness of rosacea.

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